Mark and his team are the absolute BEST people to work with.

After being referred to him, I knew that he was exactly what I was looking for when I saw his work and saw just how passionate he was about capturing beautiful moments in people’s lives. His work is not only extremely aesthetically pleasing but captures the sweet, simple perspectives that make memories last. I also saw that they were high-quality, well-edited photos for a very reasonable price. He made the process simple, easy, and absolutely fun!

He did both our engagement and wedding photos, and my husband and I couldn’t be happier! Not only is he a great photographer, but he is a wonderful person that is truly dedicated and professional. We fed off of his energy, and his excitement and creativity allowed us to masterfully capture one of the biggest days in our lives. Mark and his team were there from beginning to the end capturing everything from mine and my husband’s preparation to the ceremony and the end of the reception.

The end result is nothing less than spectacular, so much that the video slideshow he made us had me busting out in tears of joy. One of the most beautiful things though that I am eternally grateful for is a photo that Mark took of my uncle on our wedding. My uncle soon passed days later, but the picture Mark took captured his vitality and strength, making it a cherished memory of my uncle’s last days. It is a serendipitous gift that my family has complimented over and over again.

HIGHLY recommend Mark to anyone looking for a creative, inspiring professional to capture the best of life’s moments.
— Holly Tenaglia
Mark is such an amazing photographer! We couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks again mark
— Brittany Ramage
Mark is AMAZING!!! His lighting and imagination is incredible!! Thanks Mark!!!
— Brittney Whitehead
Mark was the best photographer we could of asked for . We had some mix up with our wedding officiant and
she was a hour late . Mark stayed with no problem! He got our pictures to us very promptly and not to
mention the quality was excellent. He was extremely easy going and very knowledgeable of his passion and
what worked. Wish we lived closer so he could do all of our pictures throughout life!.
— Brittany
Mark is the most creative, adventurous photographer we have encountered, easy to work with and great to
hang out with.We hit it off with him the moment we met, and our engagement shoot was amazing! Our
wedding was at 10 am and we were on a very tight schedule.Mark met us at our beach house before 7am, as
everyone was getting ready.He moved so easily amidst the chaos,smiling, keeping everyone relaxed while
capturing some stunning shots.He never hesitated to take any pictures we asked for, and never appeared
overwhelmed by the fast paced day.Even when we ran behind getting to the Church, he was still relaxed and
had us all at ease.He and his assistant Leanne were very quick on capturing pictures of family and friends at
the Church.He was very organized on this,providing us a list, of the shots he wanted to capture.He was also
flexible when we added in extra shots.The bridal party pictures after the ceremony were fun,everyone was
laughing, and giving suggestions,all of which he accommodated.He caught some spectacular shots. He then
went to the reception hall before we did to get more pictures.He was constantly moving with us during the
reception,and was very much part of the fun. He even came to our beach house after to take more pictures
(some of the most amazing shots!), showing dedication at its best! And he hung out with us after :) We give
Mark 5 stars easily, we’d give him more if we could! Great photographer and good person; you couldn’t ask
for more. You will get more than your money’s worth with him and his team. We cannot thank them enough
and will definitely hire them again!
— Nuripa + Jeremy
Mark was GREAT!!! He was there for everything we needed and showed that he cared about capturing the
moments just as much as we did, if not more! The one thing that was the most important to me when
wedding planning was the photographer. Simply because he is the only person/thing that can make this one
night last forever with the moments that he captures. Most of the time at a wedding you don’t want the
photographer to be noticed, and usually when he is noticed it’s for all the wrong reasons. Mark was noticed
by a lot of people but for every RIGHT reason. So many people complimented him to us, and one future bride
said she is definitely getting him for when she gets married and another future bride said her photos are
going to suck because her photographer is nowhere near as good as Mark. Book him!!! It is worth every
— Ericky + Ashley
Mark captures your special moment from the heart. Both our engagement and wedding photos taken by
Mark definately impressed those who had seen our albums. He approaches each event with full honesty,
professionalism, and warmth. I definately recommend his services.
— Kamille + Sam